Tennessee disability lawyer, Mark Skelton, explains the application process

The application process for Social Security disability benefits is long and complex. Without the help of a skilled and experienced Tennessee disability lawyer, this can be a very stressful and confusing process. The Social Security Administration (SSA) asks for in-depth information, especially with regards to how your daily activities affect your Social Security disability case.

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, the SSA will request for you to fill out a separate form describing your daily activities. The information you provide on this form will make a difference between your claim being approved or denied. Below is the information the SSA is looking for when it looks at your daily activities.

The Daily Activity Form will first ask for you to provide a description of your typical day. Next, it will ask you how your daily activities have changed since your condition began. The form will ask you about specific areas of your daily activities. Are you able to do your own grooming? What chores around the house can you do? How often do you visit with friends and family? What hobbies do you engage in? Do you belong to any religious groups, clubs, or other social activities? Can you drive? Do you handle your own finances?

In each instance, the SSA wants to get a better feel of how your current activities compare to your activities prior to the inception of your condition. Overall, this is a long and detailed form that you cannot rush through. This is your only opportunity to let the SSA know how your condition affects your life.

A seasoned and skilled Tennessee disability lawyer can be extremely helpful in helping you fill out this complicated form. Your attorney knows the importance of providing very specific examples so that the SSA can understand what you mean. So, if you are filing for Social Security disability benefits, it is in your best interest to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable Tennessee disability lawyer in filing out your claims forms. For assistance, contact Tennessee disability lawyer Mark Albert Skelton.